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personal stories · June 21, 2018
Hey everyone! The weather has gotten oh-so-nice and I'm itching to work with families and some super-cute kiddos! This year, I've gotten a little creative and put together a little camping set-up for some mini sessions at Dearborn Park in Holly. I still have plenty of openings!
Getting your photo taken can be a pretty awkward thing. Hey, I'm even pretty awkward taking them sometimes, if we're being honest. But there are some things that you can remember to rock out your session and leave feeling really good about it:
photography sessions · November 12, 2015
I was able to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the little town of Holly with this family - can you believe that this family is even larger than this? Jon and Laurie have been blessed with 7 loving and gracious children (7!) - I know this because one of them happens to be one of my greatest friends. This little session welcomes Nala and Nina to the family - you know, those cuties in the kitty cat dresses and tights (which I totally wish came in my size!)? Yeah, those two. These two beauties...

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