My name is Heather Stern and I am a natural light lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in Fenton, Michigan. 


There is nothing that I love more than capturing love in images that will last forever. As your photographer, I am dedicated to helping you create photos with feeling so that you can look back upon a moment in time and remember how much love was shared. Whether your wedding day or a little bit of time with your family, we will work together to make your memories last forever. Someone recently told me that, at the end of our lives, people will not remember how good of employees we were or how many things we had, they will remember the feelings that they had when they were with you, they will remember you as a great friend, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, grandparent..what have you. At the end, they will remember love - and so it goes with photography, I want you to remember love and light and happiness. And if, at the end of our time together, you have images that evoke those emotions in you and your family, well then, I've done my job well. 


Heather Stern Photography, LLC

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