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Getting your photo taken can be a pretty awkward thing. Hey, I'm even pretty awkward taking them sometimes, if we're being honest. But there are some things that you can remember to rock out your session and leave feeling really good about it:
photography sessions · November 12, 2015
I was able to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the little town of Holly with this family - can you believe that this family is even larger than this? Jon and Laurie have been blessed with 7 loving and gracious children (7!) - I know this because one of them happens to be one of my greatest friends. This little session welcomes Nala and Nina to the family - you know, those cuties in the kitty cat dresses and tights (which I totally wish came in my size!)? Yeah, those two. These two beauties...
photography sessions · December 15, 2014
Yesterday I spent some time in the afternoon at Jess and Devin's home in South Lyon, where they have more property than anyone would know what to do with and a perfect little farmhouse that they share with their 3 babies (2 pups and a kitty). It was beautiful (even though everything is dead and we were lacking the sparkly snow that is usually here by now this time of year) and actually my dream home (old homes make me giddy). This session was too cute, but the struggle was real, my friends....
photography sessions · October 29, 2014
Ah, weddings. They always bring me (nearly) to tears and this wedding was no exception. I was lucky enough to spend the day with the Henley's (and their family and friends!) to capture their long-awaited marriage and it was beautiful. It was a perfect October day and the leaves were just stunning...but the bride, you guys. The bride was radiant. I have to be honest, my favorite part of photographing a wedding wasn't the family photos or even the super-fun post-ceremony bridal party
photography sessions · October 12, 2014
Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time with the sweetest little family on probably one of the sweetest October days. The weather was just perfect for this session - there was plenty of sun and plenty of leaves to play around in! How is it that I'm so lucky to get to know and photograph the best-looking families? I mean, just add Laura and Joe to the growing list of people-I-know-who-have-ridiculously-beautiful-baby-making-skills. Those HUGE baby blues? Kill me. So, it's almost Norah's first...
photography sessions · October 06, 2014
Oh, you guys. You guys, you guys, you guys. This family is just SO FREAKING ADORKABLE. Yes, adorkable and I do mean that in the most loving of ways. Um, have you ever seen such cute kids? I mean, Jen and Dan, you guys are golden in the baby-making department. Two thumbs up for win. I spent yesterday morning photographing this obviously so-cute family in Ann Arbor (they can just walk to downtown from home, you guys) and it was a perfectly gorgeous October day! We were so lucky because...
photography sessions · September 08, 2014
This session from yesterday afternoon is just the sweetest. I may be a bit biased since this fam is like, my BFF, but you guys, HOW DARN CUTE ARE THEY?! Jack's second birthday is this week and Ashley and Trevor wanted a few photos to remember their little family at this moment in their life together. But one simply cannot take just a few photos of Jack, how could you? Let's break it down: Big blue eyes - check Bursting with giggles - check Spikey hair - check Baby Chucks - check And that...
photography sessions · July 30, 2014
It was so nice to get away for a long weekend. Northern Michigan (and by "northern" I mean the upper lower peninsula) is just beautiful this time of year...even if it was unseasonably chilly (again). But seriously, the post-rain evening light was just gorgeous. And that haze over Lake Michigan and partially obscuring the Mackinaw Bridge? Perfection. Today is my little sister's twenty-second birthday (hence the title, ala Miss Taylor Swift, duh). Because I'm poor and my plan to make her a book...
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