Cranbrook Campus Engagement Session: Scott & Kati

My brother-in-law recently proposed to Kati - who I'm so happy will be joining the Stern clan when they marry next August! I'm lucky enough to have found a friend in my future sister-in-law and even more lucky to have been able to capture some gorgeous images of this couple on Cranbrook's amazing campus. 

Fall colors, an unlimited amount of space to go adventuring and soft, golden light are my jam. 

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Holly, Michigan Family Session: The Brief Family

I was able to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the little town of Holly with this family  - can you believe that this family is even larger than this? Jon and Laurie have been blessed with 7 loving and gracious children (7!) - I know this because one of them happens to be one of my greatest friends. 

This little session welcomes Nala and Nina to the family - you know, those cuties in the kitty cat dresses and tights (which I totally wish came in my size!)? Yeah, those two. These two beauties recently joined the family and the Brief family is larger than life and better than ever with them in it! And the love that these siblings have for one another is just the cutest, one of my favorite photos is of sweet Annie and her little sister Nina - pure love. 

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Commerce, Michigan Senior Session: Zach

It's crazy to think how fast kids grow up - having one of my own now, I certainly know the feeling of thinking that it was just yesterday that she was a little 5 pound bundle snuggled in my arms. I could tell that Zach's mother felt the same way as we were working our way through his senior session. 

Like most guys that I've encountered, Zach was not a fan of the idea of a photo session just for him, but he was a trooper and didn't complain once - not even when I demanded he hang goofily from the rafters of the covered bridge...and it wasn't such a good idea. Ah, well. 

Congratulations Zach and the rest of the class of 2016!


Brighton, Michigan Bridal Boudoir Session: Melissa

One of my favorite experiences thus far  has been shooting boudoir sessions. Now, you have to understand something. My version of boudoir is soft and sensitive and sexy and feminine and lovely. My version (or at least what I aim for) is to capture the most beautiful parts of a woman and my goal is that when she looks back at those photos she will feel like the astounding goddess queen that she is. So boudoir, for me at least, is not the overtly sexualized type. It's the type that seeks out the essence of someone and presents it as art: for themselves, for someone they love, or just for fun. 

My BFF Melissa wanted to do something special for her husband-to-be (husband now!) so we trounced around the lovely property of their home together (including their awesome garden) and took some equally lovely portraits of Melissa.

Side note: Eric loved them.  


Kensington MetroPark Engagement: Melissa & Eric

So, I don't think I've ever taken this long to compose a post on a photo shoot that I absolutely adore (which is all of them!), but this time things are a little different. Life has gotten 1000% more busy and sometimes I find myself scrambling around trying to finish up the things that I should do. It's times like today, on this rainy Saturday, that I have to remind myself that more often than not, the things that I love to do need to take priority - like building a blanket fort with my daughter and sharing with the world photos of people that I love. 

I never intended this post to be about me - but sometimes you need a little back story, you know? There are very few people that I have kept close to me over the years...not because I don't like anyone or because I'm a flaky friend, but because my introverted personality makes me a minimalist in that I choose my friends, I choose them well, and I choose them for life. What I'm trying to say is that this post is about my best friend of 14 years. Melissa has been my friend for over half of my life - do you know what that means? It means that I don't remember what life was like before her.

There is nothing better than seeing your friends exude true happiness. There's also nothing better than being able to tell your friend that you know when she and her fiancé are faking smiles so they better not do it in your photos or you're gonna beat the with a stick - and then they smile for real because, hey, I can sometimes be funny. Melissa and Eric are perfect for each other, and not just because they both have the same fake smile. I can honestly say that there is a lightness about Melissa that she didn't have before she was with Eric. He brings out the best in her and I can say that because I know what the best and the worst (but still not too bad) sides of my friends look like. So thank you, Eric, for loving my best friend the way she should be loved and for sharing a life with her that she is so proud of. Thank you for bringing out that light in her eyes that can be seen in every single one of these photos. And thank you for farting during the photo shoot and subsequently producing one of my all-time favorite photos, ever.

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