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photography sessions · September 30, 2018
I've known Ashley for almost 10 years now - which is crazy to me when I think about it. She and her family are some of the kindest, most generous people I know and I am so grateful to them for so many reasons. Family is something that I value above almost all things and I'm happy to be able to claim Ashley as part of our family for the love that she has shown us over the past years.
photography sessions · August 21, 2018
Family sessions - my last post gave you a little peek at how to rock out your session, especially with small children. But what about those families with older "kids?" Let's be honest - when you're between the ages of 12-25 and your mom decides that NOW is the time for family photos, it's the worst. Yes, I said it. Family photos are the worst when you are not the one looking forward to them.
photography sessions · October 08, 2016
When Jordan asked me if I would shoot an engagement session for her and Eddie, I was so honored. Seriously, Jordan is probably one of the most put-together, stylish people I know and I was just thrilled that she wanted me for the job! Eddie and Jordan were so easy to work with and I couldn't be happier with the results! The day was perfect, the sun light was absolutely stunning that evening. We spent less than 30 minutes snapping these stunning photos and then headed back to my house and ate...
photography sessions · November 24, 2015
My brother-in-law recently proposed to Kati - who I'm so happy will be joining the Stern clan when they marry next August! I'm lucky enough to have found a friend in my future sister-in-law and even more lucky to have been able to capture some gorgeous images of this couple on Cranbrook's amazing campus. Fall colors, an unlimited amount of space to go adventuring and soft, golden light are my jam.
photography sessions · November 12, 2015
I was able to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the little town of Holly with this family - can you believe that this family is even larger than this? Jon and Laurie have been blessed with 7 loving and gracious children (7!) - I know this because one of them happens to be one of my greatest friends. This little session welcomes Nala and Nina to the family - you know, those cuties in the kitty cat dresses and tights (which I totally wish came in my size!)? Yeah, those two. These two beauties...
photography sessions · September 07, 2015
It's crazy to think how fast kids grow up - having one of my own now, I certainly know the feeling of thinking that it was just yesterday that she was a little 5 pound bundle snuggled in my arms. I could tell that Zach's mother felt the same way as we were working our way through his senior session. Like most guys that I've encountered, Zach was not a fan of the idea of a photo session just for him, but he was a trooper and didn't complain once - not even when I demanded he hang goofily from...
photography sessions · August 30, 2015
One of my favorite experiences thus far has been shooting boudoir sessions. Now, you have to understand something. My version of boudoir is soft and sensitive and sexy and feminine and lovely. My version (or at least what I aim for) is to capture the most beautiful parts of a woman and my goal is that when she looks back at those photos she will feel like the astounding goddess queen that she is. So boudoir, for me at least, is not the overtly sexualized type. It's the type that seeks out the...
photography sessions · May 30, 2015
So, I don't think I've ever taken this long to compose a post on a photo shoot that I absolutely adore (which is all of them!), but this time things are a little different. Life has gotten 1000% more busy and sometimes I find myself scrambling around trying to finish up the things that I should do. It's times like today, on this rainy Saturday, that I have to remind myself that more often than not, the things that I love to do need to take priority - like building a blanket fort with my...
photography sessions · December 15, 2014
Yesterday I spent some time in the afternoon at Jess and Devin's home in South Lyon, where they have more property than anyone would know what to do with and a perfect little farmhouse that they share with their 3 babies (2 pups and a kitty). It was beautiful (even though everything is dead and we were lacking the sparkly snow that is usually here by now this time of year) and actually my dream home (old homes make me giddy). This session was too cute, but the struggle was real, my friends....
photography sessions · October 29, 2014
Ah, weddings. They always bring me (nearly) to tears and this wedding was no exception. I was lucky enough to spend the day with the Henley's (and their family and friends!) to capture their long-awaited marriage and it was beautiful. It was a perfect October day and the leaves were just stunning...but the bride, you guys. The bride was radiant. I have to be honest, my favorite part of photographing a wedding wasn't the family photos or even the super-fun post-ceremony bridal party

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