notes from your photographer

notes from your photographer · September 21, 2020
Stand out with a truly custom save the date template from Basic Invite (sponsored post)
notes from your photographer · August 25, 2020
The last few weeks have been a whirlwind - for us as photographers and definitely for our couples who are (and were) in the throes of wedding planning. From the state closing down to reopening with restrictions, engaged couples have been forced to plan and replan wedding days.
notes from your photographer · February 17, 2020
Wedding planning is seriously so hard. Like, how do you even know what to choose for all of the things that you have to choose things for? I mean, even Pinterest can only go so far...and even then, sometimes it convinces you that you are in love with a style that isn't even uniquely yours. Not that you have to be unique, but it's always more comfortable to feel true to yourself rather than feel like you are putting on a show. Sometimes a wedding day can feel like just that, a show.
notes from your photographer · January 31, 2020
We all grow up listening to fairy tales. Whether they are dark and moody or lighthearted, there's almost always a Charming someone waiting at the end of the aisle for the heroine or hero. Sometimes I feel like we all have this fairy tale imagery when planning a wedding - and we should! But what if the modern-day fairy tale meant limiting your amount of anxiety prior to walking down the aisle. What if it meant truly and really spending the entire day celebrating your love with well, YOUR LOVE?...
notes from your photographer · January 29, 2020
If you're feeling nervous about a high-energy and intimidating photographer spending your wedding day with you, a laid-back photographer might be for you.
notes from your photographer · January 22, 2020
4 ways to pump up the fun during your wedding portraits.
notes from your photographer · January 10, 2020
Wondering how to make your next family session the best one yet? I've broken down my own family session to show you how to get those real, natural, everyday interactions and make them into memories you will be proud to hang on your wall.
notes from your photographer · September 15, 2019
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notes from your photographer · August 21, 2018
Family sessions - my last post gave you a little peek at how to rock out your session, especially with small children. But what about those families with older "kids?" Let's be honest - when you're between the ages of 12-25 and your mom decides that NOW is the time for family photos, it's the worst. Yes, I said it. Family photos are the worst when you are not the one looking forward to them.
Getting your photo taken can be a pretty awkward thing. Hey, I'm even pretty awkward taking them sometimes, if we're being honest. But there are some things that you can remember to rock out your session and leave feeling really good about it:

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