Stand out with a truly custom save the date template from Basic Invite (Sponsored Post)

Ah, simple joys. I really can be entertained by just about anything that's pretty - add a creative outlet to that and BAM! we've got a winner. Basic Invite reached out to me a few months ago to write a blog post for their blog, which you can find here. I chose to write about Sarah and Tyler's Detroit wedding - you know, "The One Where My Car Was Broken Into and My Camera Was Stolen." That one. Honestly, even with a giant, awful mishap like that happening, the day was still magical and a dream wedding for me. But back to Basic Invite - I teamed up with them so that I could offer my brides a bit of a discount on their really awesome products - clear invitations, anyone? I'M OBSESSED.


It's truly uncommon to get a CUSTOM SAMPLE, and obviously my mind is blown. When my package of samples arrived in the mail, I opened the package to see this beautifully designed welcome packet. It outlines the color options and highlights their address service, which seems super easy to use. And YO to USPS - stop crunching my stuff in the mailbox, k?

To make your life even easier, Basic Invite has created the most user-friendly interface for creating save the dates, change the dates, wedding invitations and so much more. There are almost unlimited color options (like 180! colors to choose from) and so much ability to customize your perfect wedding invitation package. Just the fact that you have complete control over the look of your invitation bundle is good enough for me, but add on to that a matching save the date templatewedding postponement cards (a must in these COVID days!) and a matching wedding website - I mean, why would you look anywhere else? Plus, if I'm your photographer - look how cute these photograph! 


Since this post is sponsored by Basic Invite, I was allowed to order some custom samples for myself. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, if you are in the market for save the dates or change the date cards - check this out! I created a few different sets using my sister's engagement photos - and they are perfect. From the quality of paper, to the color selections, to the ease of creating a truly custom piece, these are everything I could have hoped for and more (psssst...you're going to order these, right, sis?). 

There are over 900 wedding invitation sets to choose from - truly one for every single vibe you could possibly hope for your wedding day. PLUS - I know, "Heather, shut up already, we get it you love them!" - BUT PLUS you can order completely customized samples!!! Do you know what that means? That means that you can make a literal copy of exactly what you want to order and receive a sample before you order all of your invitations, save the dates, change the dates, what have you. Y'all. I had fun with this. Knowing that so many couples out there are planning and replanning weddings right now breaks my heart, but I'm so glad that there are companies out there that are making transitions easy and beautiful for all of you. 



For these samples, I used a save the date template to create my custom Save the Date cards. I am loving the pretty, modern script that is available. And how about that gold foil?! They have fabulous foil options that you can see in your samples as well - again with the custom samples! And drum roll...because the best part about this set here? THE PAPER FEELS LIKE STRAIGHT UP VELVET. It's so smooth. So if you are a texture person....I mean, duh.


My other favorite part of this process was that I was also able to create wedding postponement cards that matched the vibe I was going for. Though Basic Invite has exact matches for all items in a wedding suite, I chose to change it up a bit between my save the dates and change the dates, but still keep them complimentary to one another. 

Oh, and those clear invitations I've been raving about....here they are: 

So ya'll. Check out Basic Invite. Get you a discount with my code. And be on your way to the prettiest, most YOU, wedding invitation suite you could ever dream of. 

Photos from Amanda and Doug's engagement session can be found on the WeddingDay Blog!

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*This post is sponsored by Basic Invite*

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