Things you should know:

My name is Heather.

I love photography (duh). 

I'd like to think I'm super-cool, but that's probably up for debate.

Chances are, I want to photograph you. 

I'm incredibly honest.

I like big, dorky glasses & wear them on the daily.

I prefer outdoor photography & I like to make each session an adventure.

I have 5 tattoos & the little hearts on my logo mimic the one on my wrist. 

I have 4 very special muses in my life - my daughter, Avery, my son, Tommy & my 2 BFFs.


I try to not take myself too seriously & that is reflected in my photography sessions. Expect to joke around a bit - I like it when people laugh because those are often the best photos and also, who doesn't like to laugh? I love trekking through wooded areas and I will lay in mosquito-infested grassy knolls or semi-climb rotting trees or make my way into mucky, cold lake water because I love you (yes, you!). 




Are you ready to have fun?


I am. 


Write me a note!

Let's chat.