“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” - Annie Leibovitz


meet the photographer


Your most precious moments are in good hands - Heather is a self-taught, natural light photographer. Located in Pure Michigan, Heather serves all areas around the state and loves to travel . Attention to detail is the one of the most important qualities that you can have as a photographer - whether it's capturing your wedding day or a few moments with you family, those intimate details will not go unnoticed. Heather is passionate about helping you tell your stories of love, life and family in the most simple and timeless way. 


Heather resides in Fenton, Michigan with her husband of 8 years, her two children, Avery and Thomas, and two rowdy pups, Milo and Hemy. She is surrounded by a shining circle of light and support by her family and her best friends. Heather has always had a love for reading and a fantastical imagination - a constant source of inspiration for your photography sessions. 



meet the team





Jaclyn is the daughter of a photographer and has grown up around camera flashes and smiling faces. She is always up for a good conversation and has such a fantastic sense of humor that you can't help but laugh along with her. Together, Heather and Jaclyn make a solid team, bringing your wedding vision to life seamlessly and creatively. If you love 'The Office' and Queen - Jaclyn is your girl till the end. This mom-duo will take care of you - making you feel comfortable and loved the entire day through on your wedding day. 




Amanda is a phenomenal photography assistant. She's the less-camera and more-service kind but will help make your wedding day run as smooth as butter (you 'butta' believe it - did I mention that she's in love with a good play on words?). She is down-to-earth and will make you feel totally comfortable the entire day through. She will be on the dance floor and will befriend the wedding party in a heartbeat. Amanda is Heather's sister, so you can expect the typical sibling dynamic when these two are together...only way cool. 




Heather Stern Photography has now joined creative forces with Gilding Lilies Hair & Makeup. Gilding Lilies is a creative duo comprised of Ang and Elizabeth. From weddings to proms to fashion photoshoots, Ang and Elizabeth as a team create inspiring looks and raise the bar higher with every style they create. If you are in the midst of wedding planning and need an on-site team for hair and makeup, check these powerhouse goddesses out. Keep an eye out for collaborative projects and don't forget to check out the Gilding Lilies website for contact information. 




Heather Stern Photography has teamed up with basic invite to bring you some gorgeous ways to invite guests to your wedding, announce your babies, and celebrate the holidays. Seriously, they have some really gorgeous products, like my personal favorite, clear wedding invitations. They are CLEAR. And they are super cool. 


Check out their site and grab my code for a cute discount!


You can make a free wedding website there as well - the templates are something I definitely would have chosen for my own wedding had I known about it!

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