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Wedding planning is seriously so hard. Like, how do you even know what to choose for all of the things that you have to choose things for? I mean, even Pinterest can only go so far...and even then, sometimes it convinces you that you are in love with a style that isn't even uniquely yours. Not that you have to be unique, but it's always more comfortable to feel true to yourself rather than feel like you are putting on a show. Sometimes a wedding day can feel like just that, a show. 


Let's make your wedding day all about you! Invite yourself to your own wedding - what makes YOU happy? What do you want to see? What do you want to eat and what will make you squeal with child-like joy? 


If it's an ice cream truck or a taco truck...just know that I am HERE FOR YOU. (Also, it's the photographer's tax to get an ice cream or taco during your wedding. That's a thing. I just said it is.)

Do you dream of gilded dino nuptials? Then put that shit on your cake! If it's gonna make YOUR day that much better....you best be slapping those golden t-rex beauties front and center and enjoying every second of it. Trust me, you will be happy, your photographer will be happy, your guests will be happy. Corrinne and Nick wanted dinos and they got them (though, this seems like a Corrinne scheme, if I'm being honest LOL). Did I mention that you will be happy? Because c'mon, who can't smile at a dino couple in full wedding garb?

Oh, your thing isn't dinosaurs? Well is it kitties? Because I can also tell you that no one can deny the cutest of a kitty. Heather and Josh celebrated their wedding with golden cats, rose gold spattered kitty-cat cookies (effing delicious and made by Heather's mom), and donuts. CATS AND DONUTS. That's definitely a match made in straight up heaven. 

Sara and Tyler's wedding reception welcomed their guests with long tables lined with cakes. There was like, a pretty decent sized cake for about every 4-6 people and it was awesome. I mean, who doesn't want to sit down to their own freaking cake?! I can just imagine that Sara and Tyler love some cake themselves and couldn't wait to share in that fun with their guests. 







There are dessert tables that are amazing. Like Ashley and Ryan's - they had an epic dessert table. But this cannoli and eclair laden beaut is from Kim and Mike's wedding reception at Cantoro's Italian Market in Plymouth. It was decadent. It was divine. It was cannoli heaven. I shared one with Kelli, but let's be honest. I could've eaten that entire platter. 

Apparently I'm super motivated by food, but whatev's. Here's one more. On your wedding day, if you really and truly want to feel like a kid and make the day all about you and your hopes and dreams...be like Ashley and Ryan get yourself an ice cream truck. That's right. YOU ORDER YOURSELF A WHOLE FUCKING ICE CREAM TRUCK AND YOU EAT ALL THAT ICE CREAM. Your guests won't even know what hit them. And you will be so, so happy with your ice cream cone and the fact that YOU HAD YOUR OWN ICE CREAM TRUCK FOR A DAY. That, my friends, is epic. 

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