3 Reasons Why A Laid Back Photographer Might Be For You | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographer





L E T  G O . 

A laid back photographer will insist that you let it all go and let your inner child shine. Whether that's dancing and twirling on a rooftop or laughing wildly with your friends - either way, you will be feeling lighthearted and free. 






B E  A U T H E N T I C .

Having a laid back photographer means that though sometimes they are all up in your business, other times, they are simply observing. This means capturing the most authentic moments during your wedding day.





G O  W I L D . 

Your laid back photographer will be up for making your dreams come true - is that popping champagne in a parking garage stairwell? You got it. Do you just want to let go and dance your heart out? You got that too. You rule the day. Your photographer will know when you just need to breathe. 

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