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For me, it seemed like 2019 flew right on by - and what a year it was! I can't thank everyone enough for giving me SO MANY beautiful memories. In case you didn't already know, I have a really hard time choosing my favorites of, well, anything. Favorite food? I can't choose just one! Favorite color...guess again! It's not just one of them! Your beautiful smiling faces and belly laughs and baby toes and wedded bliss and details and and and....well. Suffice it to say, it was SO HARD for me to choose my very, very favorites from all of your sessions over the course of 2019. There are still even more photos that I love for a million different reasons. 


2019 was a year of growth for me, my business, my family - it was full of all of the learning experiences that I had been hoping for. My personal growth shocked even me and the love that my family gained through a new pup, and the grief from the loss of another, older pup shaped my family's year. We camped more throughout the summer and traveled over the holidays. I had the most weddings I've ever had so far and I loved every single second of it - except, of course, that time that my car was broken into during a reception...that was a little less than fun. BUT I've learned so many things since then...like never leave your spare camera in the car in Detroit (HELLO...I know. I KNOW) and I can totally do the hustle AND take photos at the same time. I learned to manage my anxiety (still working on perfecting this, haha) and I'm trying so hard every single day to not take myself so seriously. I'm learning to actually breathe when I'm at a wedding or a session and just BE with the people who come to see me. I'm learning that my clients are choosing me for a reason - my work and....me. So I'm trusting that I am enough and I'm learning to become comfortable with that. And that is helping me create better photos for you - photos with more love and emotion. Photos that will put a goofy grin on your face whenever you look at them. At least, that's what happens when I look back at all of these. I'm grinning.


I remember each and every one of you and our time together. I remember the way your son wouldn't smile until his sibling tickled him. I remember the way your baby curled her toes at the touch of water. I remember telling your kid to jump on my couch in the woods and his pure and undiluted joy that burst forth. I remember you chugging back that crazy tall mixed drink at your wedding and then laughing so hard you probably almost peed yourself. I remember how your grandparents are still so in love after all they've endured. I remember that your son was hesitant at first but once we gave him a bright leaf he was ready to take on the world. I remember you almost in tears as I posed your teenaged daughter for her senior photos - how her gold hair shone in the sun was just breathtaking and her giggle was intoxicating. I remember your daughter wanted nothing to do with the camera until after the session had ended and she got to go down the slide, I snuck in a photo for you. I remember your maternity session when you were nervous for a new baby and then the newborn session where your normally sleepy newborn stayed awake the entire time and we laughed and laughed. I remember telling your kids to run at me in a field and their giggles filled the air as they took off and almost knocked me down. I remember your daughters dancing in the woods. I remember your perfectly organized wedding day and your vows that, damn it, made me cry when you cried. I remember you yelled on a rooftop that it was your dream to pop champagne and spray it all over and so we did just that...twice. I remember the most beautiful gift of a journal you gave to your groom and he cried when he opened it. I remember your son filling himself with cake until he was jittering with a sugar buzz and then he dove in for more, we had to stop him or he wouldn't have stopped. I remember that your baby cried the entire session, but we were able to get the nursing photos that you really wanted and you looked like a garden goddess in the sun and the breeze. I remember you. I remember you all. And I have so much love in my heart for every single moment, no matter how short, that we spent together making your memories. 

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