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Family sessions - my last post gave you a little peek at how to rock out your session, especially with small children. But what about those families with older "kids?" Let's be honest - when you're between the ages of 12-25 and your mom decides that NOW is the time for family photos, it's the worst. Yes, I said it. Family photos are the worst when you are not the one looking forward to them. 


I recently did a session with a larger blended family - parents plus five kids, high school to college aged. The boys didn't want to be there, the girls did it for mom. I'm going to be honest with you, every time I do a session like this I am riding the struggle bus. Too old for bubbles and tickles (or are they?) and apparently too old for that game "telephone"...remember that one? I thought it may get some giggles but it was nada. You know what worked? My honesty. 


"Look guys, this is the worst, I know. We're gonna do some shots here, some there, and some over there. Some groups, some of mom and kids, dad and kids, mom and dad and then some of just the kids. Let's get through this then you can be free."


That's what I said - swear on it. And you know what? I think those kids appreciated it. I'm not one to get each set up perfect and snap the shot. I snap continuously until I have a camera full of 400 photos...THEN we are done. Because you know what? Within those 400 photos of fake smiles and awkward poses, I have 100 really great ones and a few handfuls of candid shots that really show the essence of the family. It may create more work for me, but I'd rather spend that extra time working hard for my clients so that they have memories they can look back on for years to come. 


My goal for each and every session is to capture images that mom wants to hang on her wall, that she wants to look at forever and remember everyone at that very moment in time. I want to create images that sis is proud to post to her Facebook page when she heads back to college. I want to make that awkward high school guy see himself and think, "maybe I'm not so awkward after all." I want to give dad a few of those goofy poses that he used while trying so hard to get everyone laughing. I want to give everyone everything that they wanted and didn't know they needed. I want to give you memories. 

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