Brighton, Michigan Bridal Boudoir Session: Melissa

One of my favorite experiences thus far  has been shooting boudoir sessions. Now, you have to understand something. My version of boudoir is soft and sensitive and sexy and feminine and lovely. My version (or at least what I aim for) is to capture the most beautiful parts of a woman and my goal is that when she looks back at those photos she will feel like the astounding goddess queen that she is. So boudoir, for me at least, is not the overtly sexualized type. It's the type that seeks out the essence of someone and presents it as art: for themselves, for someone they love, or just for fun. 

My BFF Melissa wanted to do something special for her husband-to-be (husband now!) so we trounced around the lovely property of their home together (including their awesome garden) and took some equally lovely portraits of Melissa.

Side note: Eric loved them.  

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