South Lyon, Michigan Couples Session: Jess & Devin

Yesterday I spent some time in the afternoon at Jess and Devin's home in South Lyon, where they have more property than anyone would know what to do with and a perfect little farmhouse that they share with their 3 babies (2 pups and a kitty). It was beautiful (even though everything is dead and we were lacking the sparkly snow that is usually here by now this time of year) and actually my dream home (old homes make me giddy).

This session was too cute, but the struggle was real, my friends. See, I too know the perils of having a significant other who doesn't want to sit pretty for a photo session, and Devin was the same (is this a guy thing?). Even though doing this session damn-near killed him (lol), he did it all for love, and you can see that between him and Jess in every sweet photo.

And those two pups?! Come. On. How could anyone not love those sweet little faces? I didn't mean for this to be a pitiful love PSA, but you guys. They are just too sweet and loving to imagine anyone discriminating against this breed.

Anyway...here are those adorable dimples and pretty eyes and luscious-haired photos I was telling you about (will you guys make babies already?!)!

Sigh. All the adorable-ness! Can't wait for next time, Jess and Devin (insert groan from Devin, here)!



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